How to Spot Fake Oakley Sunglasses

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How to Spot Fake Oakley Sunglasses
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 It is always disappointing when you purchase a product only to find out later that it really wasn't authentic. Oakley sunglasses are items that gets imitated quite often. I will list below a few of the most common ways to spot fake Oakleys.

One of the first ways is to see where the glasses were made. If it says on the glasses that they were made anywhere besides the USA then they are fake. Oakleys are always made in the USA. No exceptions. A lot of fake versions will say, China, Taiwan, Vietman, and etc. Another easy way to tell if the glasses are fake is to check for stickers on the glasses. Oakley will never put a sticker of any kind on any part of the glasses (see picture). If it has a brand sticker anywhere then it is fake. The final way that I will list that is an easy way to spot if they are fake is to check for a warranty card. Oakley sunglasses will always come with a warranty card that includes a serial number. The serial number listed on the card will match the serial number listed on the sunglasses. Fake oakleys do not come with a warranty card because they have nothing that they can warrant. I hope that these tips help you in determining if the Oakley sunglasses you are buying are real or fake.
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